Our Philosophy:

Bridging the Gap of America, Inc. is an outreach service that provides mentoring, counseling, coaching, and case management for women and families throughout North Carolina and Ohio. We are a 501c3 agency that operates off of grants, supporters, service contracts, and partnerships. Our main focus is developing leaders by providing: Behavioral, Educational, Emotional, and Social Economical insights founded on an evidence based philosophy of rational emotive behavioral therapy and person centered philosophies. Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Counselors, and volunteers are ready to assist whenever needed, either in person, by phone, or a designated location. We constantly seek out new partnerships and believe that our excellence pursuit is bar-none and we accept all clients and partnerships with open arms to Bridge the Gap of America! 

What We Do:

The Green Chair Project provides home furnishings donated from our community for families and individuals who have transitioned from experiencing homelessness or disasters and have secured sustainable housing.

The reusable gifts are cleaned and repaired by volunteers and are presented in a way that promotes dignity and respect.

The Green Chair experience encourages families to prioritize and make choices, and empowers them to create their surroundings and rebuild their lives.